Madden 13 Review XBOX 360

Hello Its Big Glen, here for another VGM Review

Today im going to review Madden NFL 13 for the XBOX 360 Console

Game Detail: This Game is a huge improvement from Madden 12 as far as game engine. sound with CBS sportscasters Phil Simms and Jim Nantz. game is great all around feel controls. there are some bugs in this game but with a new engine it is expected.

Review Rating

Graphics 3.75/5 New game engine great but needs improvement
Gameplay: 4/5 very enjoyable version of madden again very different and new as what one should expect with new games not the same game we played last year.
Sound: 3/5 commentary gets stale and old quick as you play typical issue when it comes to sports video games
Controls: 3.5/5 Good but not Great needs improvment on player motions. something Electronic Arts Sports should work on in the 2014 edition.
Likeability: 4/5 big improvment great game something that a nfl fantic likes.

Overall 3.75/5

3.75/5 and why? the game is great but needs improvement yes they are minor but a great upgrade from EA Sports



Hello All! Today i’m going to review Doom 3 BFG Edition which was released this month on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Since this is my very first ever video game review. im going to be unbiased as possible so what i mean by that is the following

1. I have played the game from begining to end on the main story mode etc.
2. I may have not played multiplayer yet.
3. I review basic things as all other video game review sites like GAMESPOT, IGN, and with an added element to review. “Likeability”

What is Likeability when it concerns video games?

The Answer to that is. is the game hard to shut off and not play into the wee hours of the morning? or it just isnt any good that you should just throw it away. or return it to where you bought it from.

Now on to the review…..

Review scores are based on 1-5 five being best one being the worst are in the following Catagories


Description of my thoughts on the Doom 3 BFG.

Doom 3 BFG again its a revamped remake of the hit classic 2003 xbox original. ID games did a great job rehashing and porting this to the xbox. for me the game i couldn’t put down when i did doom 3 campaign. Controls were good. and very realistic as well as the graphics. for a game that came out in 2003. doom 3 was pretty high end. there are spots in the game that make you jump out of you’re skin. but that is where the likeability factor comes in. this game is great. even 9 years later. very fun still nonetheless.

How I rate this Game

Graphics:  5/5 This game visuals are immaculate anyone that argues otherwise definitely has not play this game
Gameplay: 5/5 Campaign is awesome even if its a rehashed game from 9 years ago
Sound: 4.5/5 Again same here. sound is great there some parts in the game that will make you jump yeah as in sound.
Controls: 3/5 Good but reloading is super slow you might die reloading at some points in the game if you can get into cover
Likeability: 5/5 Great Playable campaign mode got me stuck in.

Overall 4.75/5 id say if i had review this game in 2003. this game would take the cake for game of the year bar-none