Black Ops II for The Xbox 360 Published By Activison Games Review

Today were going to review the new hit game CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2 Which was released today November 13th 2012


Game Detail:

Game is great graphical improvements campaign is good. more objectives to do. multiplayer is splendid as usual. zombies was the big upgrade instead of being confined its pretty much free roam. and you can build things that can aid you thru it.

Review Scored
Graphics 4/5 good improvements
Gameplay: 4.5/5 very enjoyable and a good game from treyarch and activision awesome company that makes quality games
Sound: 5/5 great sound bottom line one that you should have turtlebeach headset or surround sound for
Controls: 5/5 so smooth it was awesome
Likeability: 5/5 Big Ups to Activitsion and treyarch for another great COD game

OVERALL 4.75/5


Thanks for reading this Game Review


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