GRID 2 PS3 Review for Saturday June 29th 2013

Today I will review: GRID 2 For PS3 which recently hit the shelfs


The Game: the game looks good at first but you tend to notice flaws from the get go. Controls are horrid at the start. You’re sliding around at times as if you were on ice but It does get better with patience graphical wise this is nice but never let graphics be the main reason why you buy because you could very well be disappointed

Final Factor: Great Game if you give it the time. Not pick up and play friendly

Review  out of a possible 5 here is a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics: 5/5  graphically one of the best racing games
Gameplay: 2/5 you will need patience if you one to play it sliding around at first can cause you some frustration again not pick up and play friendly
Sound: 3/5 not much to say here but not a in a fail department  

Controls:  2/5 same as game play
Likeability: 3/5 patience will be key to likeabilityImage


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