This week in game reviews, “TWIGR” Alien: Isolation for the xbox one

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In today’s review I’m going to review Alien: Isolation for the Xbox One published by Sega Of America. this isn’t your typical first person shoot game as colonial marines was for xbox 360. this is a survival horror, game meaning you have to strategic go about your way thru every section of the game. and I do mean every section of the game. you can build weapons and noise makers to distract enemies and you have to use each one sparingly because if you get too gun-ho with it the latter part of the game will become more difficult. I learned very quickly not to out run the big Alien, He will get you every time. hence the game over sequence hints on how to do some things. graphics this is probably the best I’ve seen thus far on an xbox one game. it’s very addicting if you’re willing to put the play time into it. this is currently my game of the year pick up there with wolfenstein the new order

Review   5 out of a possible 5 here is a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics: 5/5  completely well done game graphics wise very realistic
Gameplay: 5/5 creativity and strategy is a must in this game if you’re willing to take time to play it the game play becomes perfect

Sound: 5/5: Best in game sound period you are always looking over your shoulder because of movements you never know when and where the alien is coming from

Controls:  5/5 great game mechanics.
Likeability: 5/5 great game over all its definitely worth price of purchase


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