TWIGR “This Week in Game Reviews” Jan 8th 2015 WWE 2K15 Xbox One

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Welcome to 2015 everyone I’m back here today to have another this week in game reviews

In today’s review I’m going to review WWE 2K15. for the Xbox One published by 2KSports. This game is essentially a brand new game versus the consoles predecessor the xbox 360 more features like WWE ShowCase, WWE Universe to name a few. the new stamina system brings realism at its finest you cannot have just a quick squash match like in games prior. you have to work to win but that’s how games should be now am I right? any good game does have some flaws. few things I’ve noticed that might take away from perfect score is create a female superstar and create a title that hopefully they will put back in, in future 2K releases. a great game to buy if you own an xbox one and are a wwe fan. don’t hesitate to pick up your copy today.

Review   4 out of a possible 5 here is a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics: 5/5  completely well done game graphics wise very realistic
Gameplay: 5/5 Very enjoyable game to play

Sound: 5/5: Great game to play with surround sound

Controls:  5/5 great game mechanics. some of the motions are more refined than previous version on xbox 360
Likeability: 3/5 few missing modes that were in prior releases


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