THIS WEEK IN GAME Reviews March 13th 2015


Hello Everyone after a 2 months Hiatus I’m back here once again with another Video Game paradise this week in game reviews

In today’s review I’m going to review NBA LIVE: 15. for the Xbox One published by EA SPORTS. This game is pretty much a overhauled and redone game in comparison to its launch title NBA live 14 from the year before the game mechanics have drastically improved for the better. and you can play more fluidly like if you were playing in the game itself. one new thing is NBA Rewind were you can play your teams recently games as they happened on the schedule. LIVE ULTIMATE TEAM has improved this year as well with more in-depth ratings game play challenges and more. it’s very identical to madden ultimate team which is great. because it’s the most favorite mode in the game you can play online as well and talk your ultimate team. to new heights. EA Sports I say is back on track in NBA games land while it has some work to do with some features. it’s becoming a more even fight as far as game play between 2K sports version of NBA and EA sports. a must buy for any NBA game fan. In conclusion I give this game a 4 out of 5 stars and listed below is why I scored it.

Review   4 out of a possible 5 here is a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics: 5/5  completely well done game graphics wise very realistic
Gameplay: 5/5 Very enjoyable game to play

Sound: 5/5: Great game to play with surround sound

Controls:  5/5 great game mechanics. some of the motions are more refined than previous version more fluid to the game of basketball as played on the court.
Likeability: 5/5 great game over all its definitely worth price of purchase