This Week In Game Reviews April 10th 2015 TWIGR: RBI Baseball 2015 Xbox One


In today’s review I’m going to review RBI BaseBall 2015. for the Xbox One published by MLBAM. This game looking at it in previews looks to be a nice game. but looking, and playing are two different things and this game is no exception to the cliché based on the fact controls wise it does play like the SNES Sega versions from 20 years ago but much more clunky meaning that its easier control wise on the older versions of this game on the 16 bit consoles than the next gen version. graphics wise it’s alright is what you expect from a game based on the original version. sound is good. but honestly in conclusion this game could have been produced much better it feels as if it were thrown together rather quickly. save your money and wait for this to go on sale to buy it off the xbox store.

Review   2 out of a possible 5 here is a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics: 3/5  good for what it is
Gameplay: 1/5 to clunky control wise to enjoy it

Sound: 3/5: sounds good probably one of the better things on this game

Controls:  1/5 Out fielding controls are awful already explained in the review about this
Likeability: 2/5 not much to like save your money and wait for it to go on sale to purchase this title


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