TWIGR October 19th 2015: NBA 2K16 on the Xbox One


In today’s review I’m going to review NBA 2K16 for the Xbox One published by 2KSports. This game year’s edition looks to capitalize on realism and true to life with the following motto, |most true-to-life NBA experience to date” and with this version truer words couldn’t have been said better. I’ll start with MyTeam unlike 2K15 you have to earn your wins in the mode, meaning you have to play more fluid, don’t force plays to where it cost turnovers that turn into points and baskets for the other team, usually when I review games I want to see at first if I can just roughshod threw it with no trouble, not with this game which their motto it’s so very true 5 turn over’s can mean game over for you with MyTeam Mode being 6 minute quarters, it’s one of them you better hope you shoot lights out the rest of the way otherwise you will probably lose by at least 10 or more points. Which on the easy test I did get blown out bad, but when I went back again and played the game like it should be played, in short terms realism was legit. Another new feature which I think is great and very unique is creating an arena in MyTeam, you can also create logos and uniforms by uploading pictures to their server. So if you wanted to put your face or your own stamp of approval you can. Best part is if you are not tech savvy in the sense of pictures it gives you help along the way. MyPlayer is awesome, as usual I didn’t touch this whole lot being by time I purchased this game I had a deadline to meet with 2KSports for this review. This year they also added more classic teams unfortunately being a Indiana Pacer’s fan they need to have at least 99-2000 finals team in if they put the western conference finals runner up in the Portland trail blazers. From top to bottom this game is good realism is good its not often that I give game perfect scores, but this one most definitely does, I rate this game the following

Review   5 out of a possible 5 here is a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics: 5/5 player faces and more are great attention to detail was very well done by the development team at 2K
Game play: 5/5 great little to no game play dislikes thus this perfect score

Sound: 5/5: Kenny Harland, Gregg Anthony, Clark Kellogg have the commentary down this year. Not over repetitive like other sports games I’ve played and reviewed

Controls:  5/5 great game if you’re a basketball fan to play control wise passes my AI test Likability: 5/5 not much to dislike at all


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