WolfenStein The New Order Xbox One review


In today’s review I’m going to review Wolfenstein: The New Order for the Xbox One published by Bethesda softworks incorporated. and developed in conjunction by Machine games.

This game is very deep and when I say deep. I mean its got a very good and long story mode. more intriguing than your typical movie script. keeps you playing for sure. although they didn’t include any online mode. this game is worth the price that’s for sure. as many have said before this is a sorts to a prelude to doom based on hardware controls.

Review Scored
Graphics: 5/5  completely well done game graphics wise very realistic
Gameplay: 4/5 very enjoyable game very deep story mode. I take a tick off here for no online
Sound: 5/5: A game that should be played in surround sound the audio is great from guns to   voice over’s

Controls:  5/5 Just like in real life combat not that I was ever in the service but timing with weapons seems to be rather immaculate
Likeability: 5/5 great game story mode great. this game has been out since may 2014 in USA. if you have not purchased this game please do so. you most certainly don’t know what you’re missing.

Overall Review 5/5: great game worth the price go buy it today


Madden 15 Xbox One Review September 5th 2014


This years version of madden for the xbox one is completely redone from bottom up. madden 25 for the xbox one was a port from the xbox 360. so this years version is very new and unique presentation play wise and over all. ultimate team is deep in solo and online really worth putting the time to play it. game mechanics are what they need to be not all passes will be on target with passing premiums.

Review   4.75 out of a possible 5 here is a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics: 5/5  completely redone for next gen
Gameplay: 5/5 very enjoyable game very deep in ultimate team really addicting for a football fan
Sound: 4/5 commentary gets repetitive after a while but nfl films did a good job in presentation this year it makes the xbox 360 version like a cheap 20$ game

Controls:  5/5 passing premiums are great no perfect passing 100%
Likeability: 5/5 great game I was happy to invest the money to purchase it

WWE 13 Review for the Xbox 360

Today I will review: WWE 13 For the Xbox 360 Published by THQ/2KSports Released October 2012

The Game: Game has awesome improvements with attitude era mode inclusion. Along with the unlocakbles stars and the DLC content the deepest WWE game THQ/2K Sports

Review   4.75 out of a possible 5 here is a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics: 4/5  very similar textures in comparisoin to 12 still good though
Gameplay: 5/5 very enjoyable game with the ultra deep DLC and Unlockables
Sound: 4/5 same as 12 could use some updating in 2K14 version

Controls:  5/5 OMG moments need I say more
Likeability: 5/5 great game I was happy to invest the money to purchase itImage

GRID 2 PS3 Review for Saturday June 29th 2013

Today I will review: GRID 2 For PS3 which recently hit the shelfs


The Game: the game looks good at first but you tend to notice flaws from the get go. Controls are horrid at the start. You’re sliding around at times as if you were on ice but It does get better with patience graphical wise this is nice but never let graphics be the main reason why you buy because you could very well be disappointed

Final Factor: Great Game if you give it the time. Not pick up and play friendly

Review  out of a possible 5 here is a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics: 5/5  graphically one of the best racing games
Gameplay: 2/5 you will need patience if you one to play it sliding around at first can cause you some frustration again not pick up and play friendly
Sound: 3/5 not much to say here but not a in a fail department  

Controls:  2/5 same as game play
Likeability: 3/5 patience will be key to likeabilityImage

Review for June 26th 2013 MLB 13 The Show for PS3

Today I will review PS3’s MLB THE SHOW 13 FOR PS3

The Game: game is awesome gameplay graphics all around great game online features are awesome plus weekly challenges for prizes is what makes the game great along with road to the show “franchise mode” and many other great small additions with classic stadiums and Minor League teams.

Review 4.9 out of a possible 5 heres a break down by category

Review Scored
Graphics 4/5 good improvements
Gameplay: 4.5/5 very enjoyable and a good game
Sound: 5/5 great sound

Controls: 5/5 so smooth it was awesome
Likeability: 5/5 Best Baseball game in the IndustryImage

Black Ops II for The Xbox 360 Published By Activison Games Review

Today were going to review the new hit game CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2 Which was released today November 13th 2012


Game Detail:

Game is great graphical improvements campaign is good. more objectives to do. multiplayer is splendid as usual. zombies was the big upgrade instead of being confined its pretty much free roam. and you can build things that can aid you thru it.

Review Scored
Graphics 4/5 good improvements
Gameplay: 4.5/5 very enjoyable and a good game from treyarch and activision awesome company that makes quality games
Sound: 5/5 great sound bottom line one that you should have turtlebeach headset or surround sound for
Controls: 5/5 so smooth it was awesome
Likeability: 5/5 Big Ups to Activitsion and treyarch for another great COD game

OVERALL 4.75/5


Thanks for reading this Game Review

Madden 13 Review XBOX 360

Hello Its Big Glen, here for another VGM Review

Today im going to review Madden NFL 13 for the XBOX 360 Console

Game Detail: This Game is a huge improvement from Madden 12 as far as game engine. sound with CBS sportscasters Phil Simms and Jim Nantz. game is great all around feel controls. there are some bugs in this game but with a new engine it is expected.

Review Rating

Graphics 3.75/5 New game engine great but needs improvement
Gameplay: 4/5 very enjoyable version of madden again very different and new as what one should expect with new games not the same game we played last year.
Sound: 3/5 commentary gets stale and old quick as you play typical issue when it comes to sports video games
Controls: 3.5/5 Good but not Great needs improvment on player motions. something Electronic Arts Sports should work on in the 2014 edition.
Likeability: 4/5 big improvment great game something that a nfl fantic likes.

Overall 3.75/5

3.75/5 and why? the game is great but needs improvement yes they are minor but a great upgrade from EA Sports